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Our History

JourneyFree Ltd. was set up in January 2015 by the company directors Paul and Louise.  Together with our team we have a clear aim of promoting and delivering quality outdoor and creative learning experiences.  JourneyFree aims to provide a pathway for participants to connect and engage with all the benefits which are inspired by spending time in beautiful, wild and natural outdoor environments.  

Exploring Your Way

JourneyFree strives to support and enrich the lives of each person it comes in contact with through a process that we call exploring your way.  By this we mean that our goal is to respond to your individual needs or the collective goals of your group to ensure that we create an environment which is both beneficial and relevant to your specific journey.  We believe that the process of actively exploring leads to discovery and this happens when we overcome our fears and stretch ourselves within new experiences.  Through this process we believe it is possible to live free.

For some this could involve spending time in a peaceful place, where there is a sense of escape and time to reflect and relax away from everyday pressures and stress.  For others it could involve a dynamic challenge in the outdoors that creates opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and experience challenge, risk and a sense of the wild which will ultimately lead to greater self-awareness.

Be Inspired

  • We believe that JourneyFree can facilitate an experience that will enable you to spend time in our most beautiful natural environments which will lead to the enrichment of your life.
  • The team at JourneyFree are inspired by and respect what ‘Nature’ has created, we aim to become co-creators rather than consumers in a spirit of conservation and protection of our wild natural spaces.
  • JourneyFree can provide you with a range of creative and dynamic workshops that will inspire and support you towards restoration, learning and reconnection at a personal level.

JourneyFree are a team of people that all share a passion for the outdoors, creativity and helping others. The instructors that are delivering activities and workshops for JourneyFree are experienced and qualified Youth Workers, Informal Educators and / or Outdoor Education specialists.  As a staff team we share the belief in the ethos of JourneyFree and our priority is always about engagement and connection with each person who participates in any of our expereinces.

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